West Broad Hyundai Takes Another Step Ahead Of Its Competitors

Starting today, West Broad Hyundai takes another step ahead of its competitors by providing a blog for its customers and prospective customers. West Broad Hyundai was not the first Hyundai store in Richmond, and it is not known as the being the largest. However, West Broad Hyundai is developing a reputation for providing a level of service that just isn’t available with the older and bigger guys in town. It first began with West Broad Hyundai’s exclusive and robust Customer Appreciation Package that comes with every new car purchase. Then, West Broad Hyundai embraced the move to the internet for researching and buying vehicles.

Since 2006, this dealership has consistently grown the traffic going to www.westbroadhyundai.com by providing the latest and best information about the Hyundai lineup, by helping online visitors to narrow down the search to a specific vehicle, and by providing purchase figures for that vehicle. The Internet Sales Team is also willing to discuss trade values, and arrange financing- all online. In some cases, the Internet Sales Team has arranged to deliver a vehicle and the related paperwork right to the customers at their home or office! In 2008, West Broad Hyundai was the only Hyundai dealer to add Instant Messaging to the list of online service offerings. This provided yet another way for the sales team to answer a customer’s questions at a time and in a manner most comfortable and convenient for the customer. Dozens of online purchases were initiated via instant messaging long after most dealerships had closed for the evening! In 2010, West Broad Hyundai partnered with a new vendor that allowed them to begin providing price quotes to customers within only a few minutes of submitting an online request- no matter what time of the day! These quotes included three new car offers and three comparable used vehicles, so that customers could consider which vehicle might best suit their needs. Now, in keeping with West Broad Hyundai’s effort to provide the best service experience possible, West Broad Hyundai has fully embraced the Social Media age, by adding a blog to its repetoire. West Broad Hyundai invities you to join us here periodically as we discuss the car buying process, as we reveal new Hyundai product offerings, and as we bring you automotive, Hyundai, and dealer related news. Along the way, we invite you to provide us feedback about your experiences with us and how we can best serve our customers going forward. We hope to talk with you soon!

Note: The Customer Appreciation Package includes free loaner car service if the customer’s vehicle is in the shop for an overnight stay- for example if a part has to be replaced and the car can’t be driven until the part arrives to the shop. Also offered with this package is every other oil change free, starting with the first one, for 5 years/ 60,000 miles, as long as all other regularly scheduled service is done at the dealership. Additionally, a 10% discount is offered on parts and accessories purchased from the parts counter. Finally, each customer is registered for a personal web page on which the customer’s vehicle service history is detailed.

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